Like the Yorubas say; “The Nose is so wicked for not making us able to perceive the real evil doer.”

Most people these days show good gestures, not because they honestly love you but because they are only tricking you into believing they are loyal to you 100%. And Yes! You guessed the reason correctly; it’s because you have a lot they can/want to take advantage of.

These people are mostly the types that laugh hysterically at your obviously dry jokes, support/encourage you even when you do things that are humanly wrong, quick to call you blood and to your face/knowledge, always want to show they are working hard for you, loyal and they clearly make Self proclamations to your face just to gain validity.

“NOTE: Behind you, they have so many other people they show same kind of acts (fake love to gain benefits). And just to gain more relevance and show their loyalty in the sight of those ones, they make you appear irrelevant, they say shitty things about you and complain to those ones about the things you make them do for you.”

They are the types that will post stuffs relating to you not for the love but to gain your attention/validation. These people are the ones that send fake broadcast of your works just to you and people related to you and make it look like they have shared to the world.

Every sweat you think/see them breaking for you is one where they see benefits either financially or otherwise.

They stylishly/indirectly make you hate on and stay far away from the real people to serve as eye opener to you, guide you responsibly and honestly help you grow without any selfish interest.

These people are only with you to suck you off or greedily use you to climb up the ladder and when that bare time comes, they fly away like a bird.

These people don’t and cannot in any way honestly rep you behind you, and you become history to them when you have lost all the sauce or when you are no more.

May God save us from such people as they secretly drain one’s glory, value and effort.


In  all, to know who ones true friend is; it’s mostly in times of need without any hypocrisy or loose talks behind one’s back and even after one’s death.










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