Tunde Yusuf is a Nigerian born Writer and Poet whose motto since his early age has been “God and Humanity”.

He hails from the noble Ojoku compound, Oyun Local Government Area, Ilorin, Kwara state.
He is a people’s favourite Inspirational/Motivational speaker and writer who admonishes deep life changing and spirit lifting messages through well composed diction, instances and analysis to put people in the right shape of mind and back on the right track.

He started this movement because of his passion, love and understanding of God and purpose of human creation.
He is one who believes that the worship of God should not only be limited to worshipping in Churches and Mosques only but it should foremost reflect in our everyday human lives like “Not hurting people in any way for our selfish interest, showing pure and unadulterated love, care, empathy and compassion for people we come across and ultimately doing these good things without an atom of ego or show off.

Whenever you feel lonely, depressed, going through life hurdles, relationship challenges, business difficulties, needing life guides, spirit/mind lifting words, need to address a set youth, congregation, students, office staff, and many more, contact Tunde Yusuf.