CONTENTMENT IS KEY (Enjoy What You Have Today)

CONTENTMENT IS KEY (Enjoy What You Have Today)

Learn to Enjoy your cheap food with water for Lunch, And take your eyes off that Fried Rice and Chicken you can’t afford for now.

Enjoy your cheap drink for now and cease longing for Champagne that’s not yet yours.

Wear your cheap clothes with pride until you can start visiting a Boutique…

Thank God for that $25 android phone and Leave that galaxy S8 till you can afford it…

Braid is beautiful on women, so enjoy it and don’t kill yourself over Brazilian weave.


The bottom line is: Contentment is the key…

That you don’t have that thing today doesn’t mean you won’t have it tomorrow

Only be determined and work Harder.

Thank God for His finger today,

He will show you His full hand tomorrow


Just Be SIMPLE and REAL in your Local/Comfort Zone…

Don’t Try to Impress No One!



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