LEARN TO BE COMPASSIONATE!!! (Mabel Agbenyo’s Story)

LEARN TO BE COMPASSIONATE!!! (Mabel Agbenyo’s Story)

Please I Urge You To Take Out Time To Read This Carefully…


CASE STUDY: Mabel Agbenyo’s STORY.


“July 26th 2013, a day that would have been an ordinary Friday if I had not heard the meanest statement ever.

You see my mum (God rest her soul) had been sick for a week at this time, my younger sis was in school and needed some money, she was preparing for exams and was trying to reach my parents for money, she called me saying our mum’s number wasn’t available and our dad wasn’t picking his calls, I didn’t want to tell her what the problem was, so I decided to send her some money. It was around 11:30am and I quietly told my colleague I was rushing to the bank which is not so far from the office.


I went to the bank and deposited the money, and on my way back my colleague called that the HR woman was asking after me. I got to the office around 12:10 and met the HR woman in my office, she was addressing the staff in my department (technical) and the moment she saw me she started tearing pant, asking where I was coming from in such rude manner with her Igbo accent. I told her I was coming from the bank and she said I won’t be allowed to go on break…


I already have a history with the woman, she doesn’t like me (not peculiar to me, as far as you are not Igbo or an ass licker which I am not, she won’t like you) she hates the fact that I don’t kowtow to her, and my manager wasn’t helping either. I don’t go sit in my manager’s office to gist, I don’t lick ass so they don’t like me.

I digress, so I continued with my work, my brain scattered, thinking of my sick mum, thinking of how stressful it must be for my sister who was taking care of my mum, thinking of how early I had to be at the park to make the first bus (I had written for a week off).


My supervisor was summoned and he went to see the HR, when he came back he told me the HR said I must be at work the following day, I breathed deeply and explained to him that I was going to travel the following day, but he said the woman told him to make sure he queries me and copy her if I don’t come to work the following day being a Saturday (we don’t work Saturdays except for special occasions). So I went upstairs to the HR, I was ushered into her office, and in my emotional state, I explained to her that my mum is sick, she is in the hospital, she has partial stroke and it is dire, I need to travel tomorrow being Saturday so I could spend time with her and care for her, to relieve my sisters and dad. I hate being vulnerable, and I hated that I had tears in my eyes in front of this mean dried up soul, my voice was shaking as I told her I won’t be able to come to work on Saturday, and she looked me in the eyes and said the words that dried my tears instantly; “whether you go to see her or not, if she will die she will die and you can’t change that, if you don’t come to work tomorrow I will write your suspension letter.”

I tried to explain to her but she won’t have none of it as she dismissed me. Of course I wasn’t ready to lose my job, so I was in the office the following day, Sunday I traveled to lag and I never heard my mum speak until she died exactly a week later.


Two years later and the witch’s (HR Manager) husband died, I heard she was gone for THREE months, yet I had just ONE week to mourn my mum before I returned to work…”










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