We need all you Celebrities to be Humble, Empathetic and Patriotic enough to raise your voices for the masses on your platforms. You all Celebrities should start a movement,  strongly addressing the issues affecting people on your platforms and lead your millions of followers to Government Offices and other necessary offices/places.

As much as it’s so ignorant and suspicious to resist arrest, that system only works well abroad but in some African countries, especially Nigeria, an arrested person’s family might not see him or her again, as it’s inside their police van/bus the police men would plant false accusations on an arrested individual, requesting exorbitant “ransom” (because that’s what it is). And most undisciplined Nigerian Policemen/SARS act like animals as it’s with force, violence and false accusations they will first attack you with. Bunch of uneducated vicious bastards. God help the citizens of this country.

It’s so shaming that the leaders do not give a fuck about the citizens as their own children are outside the country.

So all  you Celebrities, please and please make use of your fame, fortune, power, position, etc to help fight for the right and welfare of the youth/citizens of your nation.


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